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There are many reasons that you might need to find a notary. These individuals have the training and certification to act as legal witnesses for the signing of documents. The jurisdiction of the notary public includes just about any kind of document available, ranging from services such as title transfers to wedding certificates.

Notary services can even go international in the form of an apostille clause, which certifies a signature’s legal worth in multiple nation-states (the domestic version of this is called a jurat).Legal document signing is probably the service for which the notary is best known. Such documents will not be valid unless they were signed in the presence of a notary. This is because only a notary is authorized to determine that the document was signed in an appropriate legal context and that no means of extra-legal intimidation or coercion were used. 

Since it’s not always convenient to go to the notary’s office, you may want to take advantage of mobile notary service. This is where the notary public goes to the place where the document is being signed. Doing this can save a great deal of time and money.

Anyone in need of notary services in Southfield, MI should contact National Tax Services II. We can assist you with your trust notary needs and more.

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